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Barbarossa Episode 30 in English and Urdu

Barbarossa Episode 30: Watch and Download Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 30 with Urdu, Hindi and English Subtitles in HD quality on Rapid virals. After all, Oroz was proud of Gabriel, so he sought out Claims and was very friendly with Shahbaz. Gabriel Leviatz was sold. Gabrielle was there with Kata, Flowsand Omni Sai La Klimiz, Shahbaz Wa Provoka My Multi Down Trailer.

Barbarossa Episode 30 In Urdu & English Subtitles Release Date

  • Episode Name: Barbarossa
  • Language: Turkish With Urdu & English Subtitles
  • Season: 01
  • Episode: 29
  • Release Date: 13 May 2022

In Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 30, Huma informs the family that Modan now belongs to the Turks. Glitopak saw several fishing boats approaching the pier and ordered them to stop. Don Diego approached the island with several of his soldiers and suddenly began to shoot. When Clem returns, Oruz sees several ships and tells the sailors to prepare to attack. Khidr also sees Don Diego’s planes and wonders how to overcome them.

In episode 30 “Barbarosalara”, a man shoots Oruz, but Antoine sacrifices himself to save his friend’s life. Oruz tells the sailors to deliver Antoine to the city immediately. Maryam says she will secretly enter the gulf ship to capture Sahasenam. The doctor removes the bullet from Antoine’s body, but says he lost a lot of blood. Khijir finds out that Maryam is going to the gulf and wants to stop Sehbaz..

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Hayreddin barbarossa Episode 30 In Urdu Subtitles

Rosa starts attacking women. Don Diego takes Huma hostage and asks the other women to surrender. Huma asks the women to fight, but they give up. Don Diego captures the women and returns to Giselle. Oruz and the sailors saw great destruction in Kalemese. Later, Oruj sees Niko dead and goes to talk to Guletopuk. The Guletopuk can no longer stand it and loses its life. Oruz learns that Don Diego has kidnapped the women.

In episode 30 of Barbarossa, Maryam says that Khizir will come no matter what happens. Oruz says that Pasha has defended Shahbaz this time and demands that he be punished. Oruz states that he will not allow Pasha to harm the island and asks Hamza to take full control of the island. Hamza accepts the offer and asks Pasha to take an oath of allegiance to Oruz.

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 30 with English and Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 30 in Urdu Subtitles

The doctor says that Antoine’s life is in danger. The dervish puts his hand on Antoine’s chest. Meanwhile, Antoine begins to dream. Antoine sees her boyfriend, whom she lost many years ago, and starts talking to him.

Barbarossa Episode 30 in English Subtitles

Antuan lover says that she became a Muslim before she died and asks him to help his friends. Antuan wakes up shortly after. Sahbaz goes to an island and continues to advance by setting traps.

Perdo spune că îi place Merrim și îi ia. Oruj le spune prietenilor săi că îi va cere ajutor lui Selim. Don Diego le-a cerut de mâncare femeilor, dar acestea au refuzat. Oruz nu doarme în noaptea aceea și construiește o navă de lemn pentru Isabel. Khijir vorbește cu Oruz și îi spune că va salva femeile. Isabel spune că Oruj va veni în curând la Jizel și continuă să o aștepte cu răbdare. Darvesh vorbește cu Kamal și îi spune că vrea să salveze femeile.

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In episode 30 of Barbarosler, Pasha declares that he will gladly help Elias. Hamza asks Oruz to stop preparing for war, but cannot persuade her. Shehbaz says that he will send many pirates to Clemes using his man instead of Pasha, and Doge likes this plan very much. Ilyas speaks with Oruz to bring the ship to port and get his approval. Oruz once again tells Ilyas to return, but he does not change his mind.

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Barbarossa Episode 30
Barbarossa Episode 30

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