Brewers Beat Giants 3-1

Brewers Beat Giants 3-1: Burns wanders around most of the night, running himself, removing 9 in 6+ innings. Every game the Milwaukee Brewers and San Francisco Giants have played this year has felt like a playoff clash, with some hard-hitting balls finding gloves (okay, Evi Garcia’s foul play still hurts most of the time) and just one. Or two points decide the whole game.

The Brewers kicked off in the first game of the last meeting between the two against left-hander Jose Alvarez as planned starter Johnny Cueto had to be eliminated due to COVID. Christian Jelic continued his recent hot streak with a double dip, setting Umar Narvez on the RBI opportunity, which he quickly exploited with the RBI single.

The Brewers’ second launch came from an unexpected source as it was Corbin Burns, who released the RBI single to provide himself a second backing – which was more than enough for him for most of the night.

On the mound, Burns was just lightning again. Making 16 rounds in the night, Burns actually entered the 7th inning before ever getting into trouble. He left the game in 7th and allowed only 4 hits, striking in 9th, again, without a walk.

Brewers Beat Giants 3-1
Brewers Beat Giants 3-1

Unfortunately for him, two of those hits opened the seventh inning, leaving him on the sidelines. Brandon Belt finished 7th at 100.8 mph, while Chris Bryant ran 107.8 mph against Burns, causing Craig Consall to brake Brad Boxberger.

Corbin Burnes electric again, Brewers beat Giants, 3-1

The Brewers responded at the top of the 8th to add insurance, however, it all started with Aviselle Garcia’s excellent bat to portray the walk. He was eventually pushed into second on a broken ground-bat by Omar Narvez, but Roddy Tellez followed with a 114mph single that moved Narvez to third and Luis Uriás crushed another ball into right field that hit him. sacrificed him.

There was even more drama in the ninth inning as there is sure to be a Giants Brewers game this year. Veteran rival Kris Bryant pulled away from the bottom of 9th place with a double finish after discovering the left gap of a 97 mph fastball, which Haider had left in the bottom middle of the zone.

Hader tries to reach back against Crawford to find something extra, hitting 99 on the radar gun twice before popping up on a 98 mph fastball. Mike Yastrzemsky is shorted out for the second out, Tellez saving a few wrong throws by Luis Urias to apply the tag to the baseline. Hader hit 98.9 mph again on a game-ending pop out by Austin Slater to seal the deal, with Garcia running to make a game-ending catch.

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