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FBI’s Zeeko Zaki Talks The ‘Different’ Way Season 5 Begins And OA ‘Holding Up’ Without Maggie

FBI’s Zeeko Zaki: The FBI team is returning to CBS for Season 5, and they are facing a huge threat in the first episode of the new season. This is a drama that you will not want to miss. The team is made up of veteran actors that have been in the business for many years. They are experienced in dealing with threats, but this one is different. This threat is much bigger than anything they have ever faced before.

The FBI is returning to CBS for Season 5. This season, the team will face a threat that is huge even by their veteran standards. The first episode of the new season will be full of suspense and drama. All signs point toward the team facing a tough challenge this season. Tune in to see how they handle it.

FBI is finally returning to CBS for Season 5, and all signs point toward the team facing a threat that is huge even by their veteran standards in the first episode of the new season. The hit drama is returning after Season 4 ended without airing its planned finale, in light of a real-life tragedy. Based on what actor Zeeko Zaki (who has played OA from the very beginning) shared with CinemaBlend about what’s on the way, FBI won’t miss a beat… even with Maggie still out of commission.

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The Season 5 premiere on September 20 is called “Hero’s Journey,” and will feature the team facing the considerable problem of a massive bomb possibly in the wrong hands. Although fans will have to wait and watch to see all the details, the episode description is quite different from what actor Jeremy Sisto described for the Season 4 finale that never aired.

Speaking with CinemaBlend, Zeeko Zaki weighed in on whether Season 5 will pick up where Season 4 would have left off or start with a blank slate. Apparently, this one will get off to a “different” kind of start, as he shared:

FBI tends to be one of Wolf Entertainment’s more procedural series, as opposed to Law & Order: Organized Crime as a more serialized show. Fans clearly won’t be missing any important plot details just because of how Season 4 ended without its intended finale, and the “different” beginning to Season 5 is something to be excited about.

Cases generally start with the criminals of the episode breaking the law, and then the FBI team beginning their investigation. This time, the episode will pick up with the investigation already ongoing, and the official description reveals that a sting operation will be involved.

Zaki previewed what’s on the way with OA’s undercover work: What better way to start a season than to be “right back in it” with the team? Even though the agents have had to work without Maggie ever since she was exposed to sarin gas in the second half of Season 4 (so that actress Missy Peregrym could go on maternity leave), they’ve managed to keep fighting the good fight.

The arrival of Shantel VanSanten’s Nina Chase to fill Maggie’s vacancy has certainly helped, but OA has still been without his longtime partner. He stepped up as more of a leader toward the end of Season 4 without Maggie, so how is he doing without her as Season 5 picks up? Zeeko Zaki shared: Missy Peregrym has confirmed that she’ll be back in Season 5, but OA and th; e rest of the team will be able to keep solving cases in the meantime.

FBI did mix up the partnerships throughout the fourth season to show how the different characters worked together instead of always sticking with OA/Maggie and TIff/Scola. Nina Chase has fit into the team dynamic, and will be sticking around for at least a little while longer, according to the actress.

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