Montana Love Drops

Montana Love Drops: Montana Love was allegedly not enough to harm Ivan Baranchik on Sunday night. That didn’t stop the Cleveland native from claiming a technical knockout victory over former IBF undercard welter weight champion Jake Paul-Tyrone Woodley at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. Pyaar sustained some unpleasant moments against the hardened Baranchik before throwing with a full left uppercut towards the end of the seventh round.

The always brave Baranchyk reacted quickly to referee Lonnie Scott’s score, and the seventh round ended before the bell rang, before Love could hit Baranchyk again. However, Baranchik’s coach Pedro Diaz began to remove the tape from Baranchik’s right glove as soon as he sat down on a stool, and stopped the fight before Baranchik received further punishment.

Diaz, DiBella and Holden were particularly protective of Baranchik as they fought for the first time since their memorable fight with Jose Zepeda nearly 11 months ago,’s Fight of the Year in 2020. Zepeda threw Baranchik four times and overcame four knockdowns. To knock Baranchik unconscious in the fifth round of his spectacular tournament on October 3 at the MGM Grand Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Love completely changed the course of their fight with a left uppercut that sent Baranchik to the canvas with almost six seconds to go into the seventh round. Love landed a straight left in the sixth round in less than a minute. Scott warns Baranchik to hit Love on the back of his head at the end of the sixth round.

Montana Love Drops
Montana Love Drops

Stops Ivan Baranchyk in Seven Rounds

Luv struck a left uppercut, which was well received by Baranchik, but a right hook from Luv upset Baranchik and threw his legs in just 30 seconds to transfer him to the fifth round. Shortly before the end of the fifth round, Baranchik returned Love and exploded with his right hand, supporting him in the ropes.

Baranchik’s left hand trampled Luv right in the middle of the third round. The combination of left, right and left by Baranchik stunned Love, confused her and held her back for more than a minute until the end of the third round.

Love’s left hand knocked the unbalanced Baranchik through the ropes in the second round in just 40 seconds on the clock. Another straight from Love threw Baranchik back shortly before the end of the second round.

Six rounds later, Baranchik suffered a third defeat to a left-handed batsman. He lost to undefeated, fully unified junior welterweight champions Josh Taylor (18-0, 13 KO) and Zepeda (34-2, 26 KO, 2 KO) before Love stopped him.

Baranchik’s left hand overtook Love in about the middle of the third round. Baranchik’s left-right-left combo rocked Love by throwing her into the ropes and holding her in the third round, leaving more than a minute behind.

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