PTI Will Go to Supreme Court over NAB Amendment law: Imran

PTI (Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf) Chairman Imran khan (Past President of Pakistan) said we will move to the supreme court over NAB Amendment law. Speaking at a information convention in Islamabad on Tuesday, he said:

“This week I will assignment the change of the NAB regulation withinside the Supreme Court. This new regulation is an insult to the united states and the united states.

Last month, the National Assembly and the Senate exceeded the Electoral (Amendment) Act 2022 and the National Responsibility (Second Amendment) Act 2021 to enforce reforms wished via way of means of the coalition parties.

The former high minister stated the NAB amendments have been tantamount to granting a license to corruption and brought that it might desire incumbent rulers dealing with corruption charges.

He stated the cash laundering instances might be dealt with with the aid of using the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FIA), which goes below Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah.

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“These [amendments] are a larger crime than bombing a usa … Those who made such amendments ought to be placed in the back of bars.

” Imran stated the flow suggests the actual aim of the modern-day government, which has come to power, to shut corruption instances. “They have been now no longer interested by social troubles and are main the usa to destruction.”

Imran khan is now famous positions in all over the world. The Countries who never respect Pakistan. Now due to the Imran khan all other Countries respect the Pakistani. And we are waiting when imran khan again will become the prime minister of Pakistan in 2023.


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