Chris Woakes Removes Kohli with a Beauty

Chris  Vokes was England’s most treacherous bowler in the summer of 2020. As if Chris Woakes had never left. That he was not the grieving man who shared a taxi with Moeen Ali, who later tested positive for COVID-19 and then spent the entire Sri Lanka trip in isolation. That he wasn’t the unlucky guy who slipped at home, hurt his heel, and spent most of the summer recreating his bowling groove. That is, he was invisibly present as always.

In the late summer of 2020, Wux was England’s most aspiring bowler. It may well end the deadliest of them all in late summer 2021. Once, when James Anderson looked a little upset about his unloved place, Wux, once known as Anderson’s orphanage, India was torn apart, as if he had spent all those months in isolation and rehab. to hone your tools and your mind.

It plays mostly in a bowl with a pretty vertical seam that barely breaks in the way of the keeper’s gloves. It was one of those qualities that made his head turn as he smashed the gates in the lower compartment. As Kohli approached the sliding cordon, he showed excellent stitching, but was shooed away by skipper Joe Root’s thick palms.


It took him just five balls to hit back – and hit three more – and did everything Anderson often did. He would traditionally toss the ball in both directions, later coaxing the batsman to move with a seam, tossing a seamer, and then using his limited over artillery, a slow cutter (Richab’s pants) and a cross cutter. The lower links of India have used the long handle successfully. He made the first day of England.

Chris Woakes
Chris Woakes

Chris Woakes Against Indian Team and Age Tool

But as his career has become disorganized, in his search for relevant and reliable formats, he has changed. Not as unusual as the ball swinger he used to be, he had to tweak a few things for extra speed. Not all money transfers come out of his hands with a straight, classic seam. Someone staggers, someone is baptized, someone swims. The weapons of his new age were to be as effective as his classic weapons.

The wrist is slightly erect, like a bowling swinger, which is probably why he gets more inward movement with wobblers. This is a technique he uses effectively against left-handed players. One of them betrayed Ravindra Jadeja, who didn’t mind the extra movement.

It was one of those days when he surpassed Anderson in some ways. For example, when reaching a narrow bandwidth of good length. For example, when he poached Kohli and took the lead. But he bargained for a wicket, which this summer should have been more valuable than Indian captain Rohit Sharma.

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Chrish Woakes Performance

He started with an out-swinger that went past Rohit’s outside edge, then followed a string of deliveries swaying in different directions before cutting his length and giving an extra bounce to the batsman in contact. Surprised with what he didn’t expect. He usually wouldn’t worry about this length, but Woakes surprised him. This is what Woakes can do best to trick the batsmen into misinforming them about length.

His ability to swing a ball of this length was as astounding as Anderson’s to the nearest inch, the world will find his stellar talent to differ.

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