India vs England 1st Test Match Day 2

India vs England 1st Test Match Day 2: Upper and middle-order trouble continues as India lose 191 but Bumrah, Yadav on strike leave England at 53/3.

At the end of the day, when Joe Root was out, India was back in the game. For a change, England captain Umesh Yadav was fired cheaply and became a bum. The hosts had previously lost their openers to Jasprith Bumra, but Ruth was fired early. 53/3 England backs India after yet another collapse.

Takura’s thrilling shots sold out at the Oval, which was the most solid part of the game on the first day of the fourth Test. Some gorgeous cricket footage was played with agricultural machinery. This upset Ruth to such an extent that she started barking at Ollie Pope when she ignored her captain’s call to change her position on the field. Thakur’s pyrotechnics also forced Root to defend himself.

It was the same old story, although 191 was a marked improvement over 78 in the previous game. Shardula Thakur’s counterattack turned India’s early capabilities into something respectable. Before his attack, except for Virat Koli, the wickets fell like a deck of cards. However, India’s kick gave no response to the long length and lateral tempo. Once again, Rishab Pant was the victim of a dastardly shot.

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127/7 India looked constrained. Thakur broke it, hitting Chris Wux four times one after the other. The first of these, a square-footed whip, came off on a long stroke. Many times in this series, such balls have shocked the best Indian batsmen. Thakur, who was hitting the eighth place, showed him the way.

India vs England 1st Test
India vs England 1st Test

IND vs ENG Lifting Mood

His 57 goals with 36 balls, including seven fours and three sixes, was not a Gabba-like defense as he did not have Washington Sundar at the other end here at the Oval. But along with Umesh Yadav, Thakur added 63 runs for the eighth wicket – Yadav scored 10 – to cheer up the gloomy locker room.

Kohli decided to catch the bull by the horn. He could have given up his signature shot, cover drive, when he was out of the channel and played an expansive drive at times. Instead, he accepted it. His first frontier was a brilliant game against James Anderson.

There were two turning points in the first day’s play. If Thakur’s vengeance allowed the suffocated Indian to breathe again, England’s change in Kohli’s plans took his influence. In fact, the game changed drastically after the first binge break after lunch, when Ruth gathered his troops for a group pile and asked his bowlers to pull the distance against the India captain.


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