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Kurulus Osman Episode 42 English Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman

Kurulus Osman Episode 42: Before Telling about Kurulus osman season 2 episode 42 we are telling about the review of episode 41 Season 2.

Kurulus osman Episode 41 Complete Review

In the Starts of Kurulus osman Season 2 episode 41, Osman gay go to the grave of his father for prays there. When osman bay on his father grave two Merchants came and meet with osman bay. Both Merchant told all story about him and thankful of the Ertugrul bay because Ertugrul bay saved him life.

After That Bamsi Bay Talk with osman bay about the All turkish people. Bamsi bay told osman bay about the ertugrul bay amanat in the cave. On the other hand Targun Hatun Make a Poison and put into the Bala Hatun syrup to kill bala hatun and bala hatun drinks syrup.

In kurulus osman Episode 41, some Beys votes to the dundar bey because Dundar bey gave some gold to the bey for his votes. Gundoz Bey votes to the favor of Osman bey because he know osman bey is a true and last of all turkish people, therefor he vote to the favor of osman bey.

At the end of voting last turn was bamsi and savci bey. Bamsi bey vote to the favor of osman bey because he fight with osman bey and won many fights. Last turn was the savci bey  first of all savci bey talk about the dirty mind of dundar bey then vote to the favor of osman bey and with the savci bey vote osman bey became the kayi beys sardar.

When osman bey came back after a few days he listen that Flatyos has escaped and osman bey gets angry with goktok and boran bey. Flatyos reached to the ainikola and talk about all kayis people.

Nikola and Dundar Bey

Dundar bey and Nikola Place a meeting in jungle. A man came to the osman bey and tell about nikola and dundar bey.

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Nikola says he wants to take back Kulucahisar, and Dundar will replace Osman. Dundar does not accept Nikola’s offer first, but Nikola makes other offers.

Kurulus osman Episode 42

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Osman Ghazi Episode 42 in Urdu


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